District Policy on Student Pick Up from School



Student safety and security are primary goals in Tulsa Public Schools. The following procedure is adopted to ensure all schools in the District deploy a consistent security process with regard to the early release of students to an authorized adult (over 18 years of age).

Students must sign out at the school office to leave early, even if they are with an authorized adult. Adults arriving to check out a student from school must sign in at the school’s main office and produce valid, unexpired, photo identification to the office staff.

Adults who are not able to produce valid identification will not be allowed to remove a child from school, regardless of whether the adult’s name appears in the District student information management system as an emergency contact or authorized guardian.


1. Match the person presenting the valid identification to the photo
2. Match the signature on the early release form to the signature on the identification
3. Ensure the name on the card and the signature line matches the name
    of an adult authorized by the parent/legal guardian to pick up the child
4. Initial the early release form and write down the identification number and expiration date.
5. Maintain a file of all early release/sign-out forms


Other Adults Require Parental/Legal Guardian Authorization

The parent or legal guardian of a student must authorize any other adults they will permit totake physical custody of their child during the school day. Such authorization must be provided in writing to the main office of the child’s school. All authorized adults will be entered into the student information database as being approved by the parent/legalguardian. Only the parent/legal guardian may request changes to the list of authorized adults in the student information management system.

It is the sole responsibility of the parent/legal guardian to ensure the school office has the correct emergency contact information.

Issued: December 2010
Revised: February 2011

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